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Below is a shot of the main document window of Chartist, with some navigation notes:

At the top you see the standard Menu, and the Tool Buttons just under the menu.
  - To get Help on the Menu items, Pull down a menu, highlight an item and press F1.
  - To get a hint on what a Tool Button is for, hover over that button with the mouse.

Down the right side of the window are Shape Buttons, which you have the shapes that are in the current shape library. There is a scroll bar to the right of the Shape Buttons. You can use it to look at, choose from, all of the shapes.

Look at the screen shot for just a moment, then we will tell you about two more things in it.

Chartist Main Window

There are two Rulers, as you can see. They can be set to metric units. When you are moving things in the document, there are animated hash marks that appear on the rulers, and follow your movements. If you don't want the rulers, you can turn them off.

The Grid is an array of dots. It is a visual aid, to help you position things. The distance between the dots can be set to whatever you like. Here, the dots are 1/8 inch apart. Chartist normally "snaps" the objects you place, onto these dots, but you can turn that snapping off if you wish. If you don't want to look at the Grid dots, you can turn them off, too. The dots are not printed. They only show up in the display as an aid to placement.

The overall size of a drawing can be up to 300 inches height and width. You can set that in the Options Menu.

As you scroll and zoom the Chartist window, you will notice some green lines. The solid green lines mark page boundaries, based on the Printer, Paper and Margin settings you make in the File Setup Printer... dialog. The dashed green lines indicate the centers of pages.

A Chartist document is one drawing that can be up to 300 inches on a side. That drawing is tiled onto pages of the actual paper size you are using. More about that when we get to printing.

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