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Tour Chartist

This section provides a guided tour and tutorial of Chartist. Its purpose is to help you start work in Chartist effectively, and get to know the basic elements.

Once you know the basic elements, and how to work with them. You will get the "feel" of things and quickly have Chartist drawing the pictures you need to draw.

These tutorials are short, sweet, and to the point. Unless you are looking for something in particular, it would be best to go through these in order.

You may also want to review the online user manual as you go through this material. This link will open the user manual in a new window.

Main Window
The layout of the main window and controls.

Placing Symbols
Using the shapes tool to add symbols to the document.

Add Text To Symbols
Adding, editing, and formatting text in symbols.

Connect Symbols With Lines
Making the best use of Chartist's poweful line routing features.

Saving Documents
Saving documents from Chartist.

Printing Chartist documents, and using the various print options.

Using Chartist Diagrams in Other Applications
Using COM to make Chartist diagrams part of your documents.

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